Theft and corruption. How does a desire to steal arise in human consciousness? Why a boy, who as a child cherished high ideals and dreamt of becoming a historian, suddenly steals 760 million roubles, and, with the help of his wife, successfully moves them abroad? Let's look into who Yuliy Kaloyev is.

Everybody was a historian in Yuliy Kaloyev’s family, and, although his father died when he was six years old, he also wanted to be a historian. As a child, little Yuliy wrote a book, which, however, was not published. He managed to earn his first money at the age of 13. But were these “pennies” worth an honest life? Yuliy thought otherwise. His school results were plummeting, he was engaged in clandestine commerce trying to make money, despite issues with his studies. Negative teacher reviews, problems with the law, poor grades – what kind of a person should he have grown, if the first steps of his life were darkened by such things? As a result, Yuliy was “politely” asked to leave the school.

Leaving school early only exacerbated the situation with Yuliy Kaloyev’s development. As early as at the age of 15, having involved elder friends, he would start up a company, which is engaged in activities that are absolutely not clean. The first deals bring a young businessman into the world of crime, where he draws all his knowledge and “concepts” from.

Then, as if in a Hollywood blockbuster, all of a sudden a job at a bank comes up, MMM, one’s own investment fund, a happy family, and a passion for antiques. By the year 2000, Yuliy has an apartment in the center, a house on Rublyovskoye highway, a few good cars, and a solid bank account. As he himself thinks, this is enough for a happy life.

Back then Mr. Kaloyev actively gave interviews to various business media. Commenting on a scheme of getting a loan for reconstruction of production buildings, he said exactly the following, “If a creditor has ill intentions, they will do everything so that the loan not be repaid and the property be taken away.” Today the meat-packing plant, for which Kaloyev took out loans, is driven to bankruptcy, while the loan is moved offshore, just like the “successful senior manager” warned. Is this a simple coincidence?

During his stormy youth, Mr. Kaloyev meets a young nymph, Nadezhda. A very tender and warm relationship is established between the future spouses. As he himself says about her, “My wife Nadezhda is my hope [“nadezhda” means “hope” in Russian], in a sense that there is someone to pass on the business to.” Yes, in 2013, Yuliy Kaloyev did indeed pass the business to Nadezhda Stasyuk. But not his own, and not a business.


According to reliable information, Nadezhda Stasyuk works at VTB Capital’s London headquarters. Previously, Mrs. Stasyuk performed the duties of Head of Legal at VTB Capital (London). Currently, Nadezhda holds the post of Executive Director at VTB Capital. From her biography we have also managed to learn that from 2006 to 2009 she worked at Deutsche Bank as Vice-President, and, from 1997 to 2006, at UFG investment company, as a senior lawyer.

With such extensive experience, influence and expertise in banking, we understand it is Nadezhda Stasyuk who could be Yuliy Kaloyev’s direct accomplice in transferring money abroad.


The case.

In 2008, Yuliy Kaloyev took up the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors at Kaluga meat-packing plant JSC. In connection with his promotion, hopes for the development and success of the plant were huge. But as it turned out, Yuliy Kaloyev became a “cancerous tumour” of the factory.

In 2009, according to the list of affiliated persons posted online, a certain company named “Leveraged Buy-out Center Limited,” registered in Nicosia, Cyprus, already owned 71.67% of the plant’s shares.

The case against Yuliy Kaloyev was opened in the summer of 2012, when the bankruptcy of a meat-packing plant was deemed intentional. The audit found that from 2008 to 2012, the company's management took out loans and made major property transactions that had critical impact on the slaughterhouse’s fate. Meanwhile, Yuliy Kaloyev, moved out the plant’s assets to the entities controlled by himself and registered in Cyprus. The enterprising director has managed to borrow about 760 million roubles from Sberbank alone. Also the plant’s management, in the person of Mr. Kaloyev, for the first eight months of 2012 owed its workers more than 36 million roubles, while the company found itself on the verge of collapse.

After the beginning of criminal prosecution against the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kaluga meat-packing plant JSC Yuliy Kaloyev, the person involved fled. According to operational data, he is in London enjoying a happy satisfied life with his wife and children. Moreover, Yuliy Kaloyev’s lawyer has tried to bribe prosecutors for one million roubles. But now, the lawyer for the businessman-turned-habitual-thief, has himself became a defendant in a criminal case on the fact of bribery on an especially large scale.

In 2013, the defendant has absconded and was declared wanted on a Federal level. Subsequently, the materials on Kaloyev were transferred to Interpol to establish international search.


Yuliy Kaloyev, in addition to being an activist in fund distribution, is not bad of a businessman in dealing with residential property. As we managed to find out, he pretty successfully rents out an apartment in the capital receiving no less than a million roubles a month. A luxury apartment, a hardworking Yuliy, children in the best universities of the world – what’s not to be called an ideal father of a family? But will the former employees of the slaughterhouse, who are yet to receive their salaries, agree with us?

The enterprise was declared bankrupt, it owed to just about everybody. Electricity, equipment renovation, the staff and their penny wages. But what are these 30-40 million for Mr. Kaloyev? He spends more on dinners. In total, the plant’s debt was more than 1.5 billion roubles. It is about three times more than the value of all his property. As reported by the company employees, several people went to complain to the labor inspectorate. As a result, the company management was issued a notice mentioning therein the names of those who came with the complaint. These people were almost immediately dismissed, under various pretexts. Intimidated by a possible criminal component of the process, other employees continued to work. Slaughterhouse workers were confused – how to live: after all, a meat-packing plant in a small town is the bread for most of the population. Both the management who tried to solve the problem their own way, finding investors for the struggling project, and officials, who promised and promised, met with them, but the promise was impossible to carry out.

Today, Kaluga meat-packing plant JSC no longer exists, its place taken by the Kaluga meat-packing plant Ltd., with a registered capital of 1 million roubles. In 2016, Kaluga meat-packing plant was sold at an electronic auction for 104,800,000 roubles to Igor Kolotov, head of Kopchyonov group of companies.

“When you pass the point of primary need saturation, there comes up a desire to do something interesting for oneself and useful for the society,” Kaloyev stated. 760 million roubles in accounts in Cyprus is certainly something quite interesting for oneself. But are they useful to the workers of the slaughterhouse?


When, as far back as 2004, a young senior manager Yuliy Kaloyev gave an interview to the Kommersant newspaper, to the question about the purpose of creating a business, he said, “In order to be at the level of the best. But at the same time not getting over one’s own moral principles.” Has Mr. Kaloyev got over his principles? It will always remain unknown to us.

Currently, a criminal case against Kaloyev is opened under article “large-scale fraud” which provides imprisonment for a maximum period of 10 years. We will remind that earlier other criminal cases have already been opened against him – on deliberate bankruptcy and unpaid wages