continues to talk about the activities of the Solntsevo criminal group, which the whole report was prepared by Interpol. It included agent information, reports from national bureaux of different countries, wiretapping and surveillance of immigrants from the Russian Federation (primarily members of the Solntsevo group) and related individuals, including a large number of businessmen, former and current officials. In a new article, will talk about the "wing" of the OPG, led by Arnold Tamm, who was recently arrested in Spain. One of his foremen was Andrei Skoch, the current billionaire and a deputy of the Russian State Duma. And soon in the report there is a story about "authority" Igor Dashdirov, a key figure in the case of the murder of TV journalist Vladislav Listiev.

Both Interpol and Russian investigators found out that it was Dashdamirov who gave the "toss-in" to Brigadier Mikhail Kudin for the removal of Listyev, and Kudin charged this crime to militants Alexander and Andrei Ageykin. The only question was who asked Dashdamirov to commit the murder. It was established in an operative way that Dashdamirov maintained long-standing relations with the current senator Sergei Lisovsky. In 1995, Lisovsky was the main enemy of Listyev, since the TV journalist headed ORT and wanted to remove Lisovsky from the advertising business of the "first button" - at that time the main source of wealth of Sergei. They had an open conflict. At the interrogations Lisovsky openly lied, stating that he had never known Dashdamirov. Then the future senator was searched, seized a notebook. It turned out to be Dashdamirov's phone, witnesses testified about their long acquaintance and constant communication. Clamped down by evidence, Lisovsky acknowledged his acquaintance with Dashdamirov, but no more. However, so far enough materials have already been collected for his arrest. If this happened, Lisovsky would not be now a senator. Yes, and Skoch, probably, would not have been a billionaire and a deputy. But, Tatiana Dyachenko, the daughter of then-President Boris Yeltsin, interfered with the situation. Lisovsky financed the election campaign of Yeltsin and Dyachenko believed that a blow to him would be a blow to his father. She organized the collapse of the case, the dismissal of the then Prosecutor General Yuri Skuratov and actually buried the possibility that the killers of the journalist would be responsible for what they had done. Under Vladimir Putin, this business is generally preferred not to be remembered. Too many "skeletons in the closet" it hides.

Brigade TAMMA Arnold consists of 10 people and is associated with some AMAZING Andrei.

Andrei SKOCH is the leader of a criminal group of 15 people. The owner of the Russian passport № 00861 ... It is reported that he was a Duma deputy, chairman of the committee on the metallurgical industry.

TAMM controlled 8 other criminal groups headed by the following persons:

SOROKIN Igor, nickname Soroka, February 16, 1966 .. born, - leader of the brigade of 10 people. He was also detained by the Czech police in May 1995 in Prague at the "U Golubu" restaurant.

Supervises the following organizations / groups:

a) criminal organization Belyaevsky boys, consisting of 25 people.

b) a criminal group headed by a PICTOR Mikhail, nicknamed Monya, 196 .. born, consisting of 25 people.

Aleksandr Radkin, born July 3, 1966, is the leader of a brigade of 10 people. (there is no other information)

Baskin Boris, nickname Borya-master, June 13, 195 .. born, - leader of the brigade of 15-20 people. (there is no other information)

AFANASIEV Mikhail, nicknames Afonya, Butcher, 195 .. born, - leader of the brigade of 25 people. (there is no other information)

BARANOVSKY Dmitry, nicknamed Bely, October 1, 196 .... birth - the leader of the brigade of 5 people. (there is no other information)

BELAN Gennady, nickname Fascist, January 29, 196 ... born, - leader of the brigade of 5 people. (there is no other information)

Zhdanov Vasily, nickname Zhdan (different transcriptions), January 8, 197 .. born, - leader of the brigade of 10 people. The owner of the Russian passport 43№06608805. He was also detained by the Czech police in May 1995 in Prague in the restaurant "In Golub". I used a restaurant and a club as a base for my activities.

POLKOVNIKOV Yuri, nickname Colonel, is the leader of a brigade of 10 people and heads the following organization:

The Latvian organization consisting of 20 persons.

POLKOVNIKOV may be the same person as Yuri POLKOVNIKOV, born on March 19, 1961, who, according to the Interpol NCB in Riga, is the main representative of the interests of Russian organized crime in Latvia. According to reports, he is in Moscow under arrest.

III - Organization SHAPOVALOVA Gennady:

see table - brigade SHAPOVALOVA

SHAPOVALOV Gennady (different transcription), nickname SHAPOVAL Gena, SHAPOVAL Oleg Papchev, January 24, 1966 .. born, leader of the power brigade in Moscow. He was also detained by the Czech police in May 1995 in Prague in the restaurant "In Golub".

It is reported that Shapovalov was engaged in the trade in live goods. He had an agreement with the Chinese triads ("Fujin"). He created the basis for illegal immigration of people who arrived in Moscow without tickets. He was in charge of resolving the issues with the police and passport control at the international airport in Moscow. Fake passports were made by triads in the Czech Republic for illegal Chinese immigrants. GORBATH Peter participated in the control of the production of passports.

Head of the organization, consisting of 25 people. Also heads the following organizations / groups:

VORONIN Nikolay, nickname of the Crow, May 13, 1966 .. born, - head of the brigade of 20 people. Also controls the following organizations / groups:

a) the criminal organization "Poskino", headed by Sergei Kobzev, the nickname Grach, September 23, 196 .. born, out of 20 people

b) a criminal organization headed by Fomenkov Oleg, the nickname of Thomas, September 8, 1966, born, out of 5 people

and two independent criminal organizations:

c) an independent criminal organization of Naro-Fominsk of 10 people

d) an independent criminal organization of Zelenograd, headed by Viktor Burlachko, the nickname Burlak, January 12, 195 .. born, of 25 people.

This brigade of 5-7 people is headed by Sergey CHUMAKOV, nickname Malvin, November 4, 1966, born.

PAVLYUKHIN Vyacheslav, nicknamed Dusman, March 31, 1966, born, leads a group of several people.

KUDRIN Valery, nickname Candidate, heads a group of 25 people ..

MAMEDOV Shakhin, the nickname Bek, August 22, 1966 .. born, leads the team of 5 people.

DADZHDAMIROV Igor heads a team of 5 people.

DAZHDAMIROV Igor, December 21 196. Born, he is DADZHDAMIROV Igor or DAZHDOMIROV, nickname Dazhdamir, Dadjdemir, Dusman, the owner of the Russian passport 43 No. 49648 ... MIKHAILOV mentioned Dachdamirov Igor as a person who controls television advertising in Moscow. This confirms the assertion of the NCB of Interpol in Washington that he was the leader of the brigade controlling the media in Moscow. Dachdamirov is considered the head of a group of assassins called "Dashdamirov," controlled by the Solntsevo group. His name is mentioned in connection with several murders committed in Moscow. Interpol's NCB in Washington reports that it is believed that it is behind the murder of the famous television figure LISTIEV Vladimir committed on January 3, 1995. It is believed that the Solntsevo group wanted to gain control over the profits from the advertising received by Moscow television. LEAVES resisted these attempts and was eliminated. It is reported that on August 23, 1996, DADZHDAMIROV was placed in a Moscow prison on charges of participating in the murder of LISTIEV, but was released. He was also detained by the Czech police in May 1995 in Prague in the restaurant "In Golub".

MONEY Victor, nickname Denga, February 28, 1966 .. born, leads a team of 15 people. MONEY also controls 5 other criminal groups, such as:

a) the criminal organization "Odintsovskaya"

b) a criminal group of 5-7 people, led by Kastrykin V.

c) a criminal group headed by ABKHANIANOV Abdul-Rashid, nicknamed Rashid, out of 5 people

d) a criminal group headed by Anatoly RYEZHYOV, nicknamed Sedoy, October 29, 194 .. born, of 5 people

e) the criminal group "Nemchinovka", headed by AVDONIN Andrei, on January 30, 196... of birth, out of 10 people.

To be continued